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How to Use Club Email

Your email address will be in the format {username}, where username is the one that you specified when you registered for the service. The same password as the one used to enter this area should be used. The account will function as either webmail or POP3/SMTP.

To access your webmail, browse to and log in using your full email address and your member's password.


To use this facility, you will require an email client, such as Outlook Express.

Client configuration is as follows:

Incoming Server:
Incoming Port: 110 (for POP3) or 995 for SSL connections, use 110 if in doubt
Outgoing Server:
Outgoing Port: 587 (or 465 for SSL, use 587 if in doubt)
Username: (full e-mail address)
Secure Password Authentication: No
Outgoing Server Requires Authentication: Yes

This should work with most clients, in the event of problems, visit the website and consult their knowledge base.

Haven't Got Email?

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